September 25, 2013

Photo Pea 0.2

The second release of Photo Pea is out! It has 6 982 lines of code. Play with it at the main site.

New features

  • Saving to PSD format (File - Save as PSD)
  • Pattern Overlay layer effect implemented
  • Several bugs removed
  • Several memory optimizations

Saving to PSD

PSD format uses several types of channel compression. It saves raw data, RLE (PackBits), ZIP with and without prediction. Adobe Photoshop uses RLE by default. At the beginning, I implemented saving raw data. But output files were about 5 times larger, than original from Photoshop, so I decided to implement RLE. My RLE implementation is probably not as good as one from Adobe, because output files are still about 10 to 60 percent larger than original file.

Now you can easily convert any JPG/PNG/WEBP to PSD inside a browser.

The input and output works well. I would like to focus on some editing tools in future releases.