October 27, 2013

Photo Pea 0.3

The third release of Photo Pea is out! It has 9 039 lines of code. Play with it at the main site.

New features

  • Editing layer tree (drag'n'drop items, new layer/folder/mask, delete layer, rename)
  • New options: Save for web, New project
  • Brush tool - support for .ABR brushes
  • Color Picker
  • Several bugs removed

ABR brushes

I was thinking about some good format for storing brushes externally. I found out, that there are tons of brushes in ABR, which is the brush format for Adobe Photoshop. Sadly, this format is not publicly documented. I had to play with it for a long time, until I finally finished the parser (maybe it is called reverse engineering, I am not sure).

Image Export

I added 3 formats into Save for web menu: PNG, JPG and WEBP. All existing libraries for encoding were too slow, so I decided to use Canvas.toDataUrl(...). The size and quality of exported files may vary in different browsers.

Usage scenarios

In current state, PhotoPea can be used for resizing images (Drag'n'drop a file, File->Save for web, enter dimension, Save). It can also be used as a simple drawing tool with layers and PSD export (and blend modes).