December 31, 2014

Photopea 1.0

New release of Photopea is out! It has 22 931 lines of code. Play with it at the main site.

New features

  • Support for Smart Objects
  • New Brush engine, that supports many features of ABR brushes
  • Brush panel, that edits many features of ABR brushes
  • Support for XCF format (Gimp)
  • Touch support
  • Support for HiDPI displays
  • Support for PSB files
  • Gradients are rendered 3x faster
  • Several bugs fixed

Smart Objects

New version of PP supports Smart Objects, contained in PSD files. Smart objects are decoded from PSD file. They can be transformed (Free Transform) without loosing quality. Smart Objects are saved back into PSD file.

XCF files

XCF files can be opened in PP since this version. PP reads layer structure including folders (groups), layer masks, opacities, blend modes etc. XCF can be saved into PSD, JPG, PNG and other formats, supported by PP.

Happy New Year 2015!