July 26, 2015

Photopea 1.2

New release of Photopea is out! It has 26 383 lines of code. Play with it at the main site.

New features

  • More than 1000 new fonts
  • Character window
  • Paragraph window
  • Stack-style of warnings

New fonts

Using services like Google Fonts and Font Squirrel, I gathered a set of more than 1000 free fonts. All these fonts are available to you in PP now. If you are using some free font in your project, it is probalby already present in Photopea. And if not, you can still drag'n'drop your own TTF font into PP.

To help you navigate through such a large amount of fonts, they are alphabetically sorted. You can display only specific categories of fonts, or filter out unwanted fonts using restrictions (e.g. displaying only fonts containing Cyrillic characters, etc.).

Text and paragraph style editing

Now, you can edit almost all properties of text, that are stored in PSD file (leading, vertical scale, baseline shift, superscript, underline etc.). Controls are separated into Character and Paragraph windows, similar to Adobe Photoshop.