August 14, 2017

Photopea 3.0: SVG support

New release of Photopea is here with Scripting and a better support for Sketch files! It has 47 362 lines of code. Play with it at the main site.

New features

  • SVG import and export
  • Improved touch-screen experience
  • Premium accounts for teams
  • Several bugs fixed


SVG is a very popular format for storing vector graphics, and it is probably the only truly "web format" for this purpose. Unlike PDF, SVG can be crated with a text editor (just like HTML), you can use CSS to style it, and Javascript to make it interactive. Even comlex vector graphics can be stored in SVG, such as this Lamborghini (zoom in to see, that everything really is vector graphics).

Starting today, you can load SVG files into Photopea, and export SVG files from it. You can use it as a PSD to SVG converter, Sketch to SVG converter, SVG to PSD converter etc.

Load the Lamborghini now and see, that all the vector shapes and their properties are preserved. Now, you can save it as a PSD, or export back to SVG (File - Export As - SVG).

There are several options of SVG export. You can choose to export raster layers, rasterize text layers and more. When you export a PSD to SVG and then convert the PSD back to SVG, it almost always preserves the same structure.