December 4, 2018

Photopea 3.9 – Simple Templates!

New release of Photopea is here! It has 66 263 lines of code. Play with it at the main site.

New features

  • Simple Templates
  • Lens Correction filter
  • Improved loading of Sketch, XD and PDF
  • Levels and Curves are 3x faster
  • Adjustments are computed on the GPU
  • Many bugs fixed


When you start an empty document in Photopea, you can choose from several standard sizes. Today, we added simple auto-generated templates, that can speed-up the creation of your design. Just click the template you like to open it as a new document.

Templates always adjust to the current document size, that you entered at the left part of the window. The Font Filter lets you restrict fonts, that can be used in templates (e.g. only fonts, that are "Handwritten" and support Greek letters).

Standard templates are combinations of several colors, shapes, and a text. You can enable Photo templates, so all templates will contain a photo (a royalty-free photo from You can specify your own keywords for photos (e.g. "cats" or "Ferrari").

Scroll down to see more templates, or press Randomize to create brand new templates. After you open any template, you can edit or remove existing elements, or add your own elements.