March 1, 2020

Photopea 4.7 – Puppet Warp

A new release of Photopea is here! It has 87 368 lines of code. Play with it at the main site.

New features

  • Puppet Warp tool
  • Oil Paint filter
  • Normal Map filter
  • Many bugs fixed

Puppet Warp tool

A Puppet Warp tool is a very popular feature for "bending" objects. Similar tool is available in Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, Krita and other programs.

Start the tool by pressing Edit - Puppet Warp. Click into the image to place several anchor points. Then, drag these points to new locations. Each point will stretch the part of the object to a new location.

Photopea supports PSD files, and it can process the Puppet Warp transform, that might be stored with a Smart Object as a smart filter. You can also create a new Puppet Warp for a Smart Object.

The parameters of Puppet Warp in Photopea correspond to the parameters of the smart filter in a PSD file. You can show or hide a triangular mesh, change its density or expand it outside the edge of an object. You can move anchor points in a way, such that one part of the object covers another part. Photopea allows you to set the depth of each anchor, to decide, which part should be in front and which one should be in the back.