October 25, 2021

Photopea 5.2 – Color Profiles and CMYK mode

A new release of Photopea is here! It has 111 351 lines of code. Play with it at the main site.

New features

Color Spaces

A set of colors is called a Color Space, and the sRGB is a popular color space, used for the majority of images that exist. However, new devices can display colors, which could not be displayed in the past. These colors are outside the range of sRGB. Therefore, wide-gamut spaces like Adobe RGB, ProPhoto RGB or Display P3 have become quite popular.

Starting today, Photopea can detect a color space inside a file (PSD, JPG, PNG, ...) and renders it correctly. That space is maintained during the editing, and it is saved with an image (PSD, or embedded in JPG, PNG, ...). You can also create a new document in a non-sRGB color space.

For example, 0,210,0 in Adobe RGB is 0,255,0 in sRGB. The color 0,240,0 in Adobe RGB is outside the range of sRGB (there is nothing "more green" than 0,255,0 in sRGB). If your monitor supports only sRGB colors, both colors (0,210,0 and 0,240,0 of Adobe RGB) will look identical.


Modern printers and inks are very advanced. However, they still can not reproduce many colors, which we are used to see on our screens.

We have a new option: Image - Mode - CMYK. This lets you see, how will your image look like after printing on an average printer (precisely, the image is displayed using the CMYK SWOP v2 color space). If there are bright and saturated colors, they will be replaced with a less saturated version. If there are no such colors, the image will stay indentical.