May 9, 2017

PNG minifier inside Photopea

We have added a new feature to Photopea, which can significantly minify PNG images.

Update!!! A separate app at

PNG minification

It is very popular to minify PNG images on the web to reduce the network traffic and make websites load faster. There are many free and commercial tools for it, which usually allow reducing the size of PNG files by 50 to 80 percent. TinyPNG is a very pupular service for PNG minification. The same company also offers a plugin for Adobe Photoshop for $50.

Starting today, there is a PNG minification service built right into Photopea, anybody can use it for free. We decided to publish our efforts in an open-source library UPNG.js, which is also availabe to everybody for free.

When minifying PNGs with such methods, there is a tiny loss in the quality. To use PNG minification, go to Photopea editor and open a file (or create a new one). Then, choose File - Save for web - PNG format. You can either leave the quality at 100% for a lossless PNG, or decrease it for minification. You can also see a preview of the result and the size of the new file.


Here are several examples of PNG minification. Click on the thumbnails to see an actual file.

OriginalTinyPNGPhotopea: UPNG.js
31 638 B 12 409 B 11 102 B
75 628 B 21 212 B 17 522 B
105 035 B 37 192 B 33 885 B
62 896 B 18 413 B 14 715 B
23 262 B 7 275 B 5 251 B