June 29, 2014

Will it work?

When creating a webapp or webpage, you have a very important dilemma.

You can use the latest technologies and offer a very good performance / appearance / interactivity, but your product will work only for small percentage of users, those with newest browsers. Or you can give up performance and focus on support and stability.

While creating Photopea, I have had many such dilemmas. To make you aware of my decissions and capabilities of your browser, I have created a WillItWork page.

You can see there, which browser features are required by current version of Photopea, and if they are supported in your browser. If you don't have some required feature in your browser, you can ask your browser vendor to add it, or search the internet for more details about that topic.

WillItWork page is not perfect yet. I don't have an opportunity to test Photopea on all OSs and browsers. If the answer you see ("Yes" / "No") is not correct for your browser, let me know in the comments and I will extend the test, so it is more precise.